Automatic Provisioning - Bria

1. Purchase/Obtain a License Key from CounterPath

2. Add the License key as a MAC address to the system (from Support Interface=>Extensions=>Devices)

3. Obtain the UserID and UserKey (or alternatively the password) of the user with whom the soft phone belongs to (from Client's Internet Info and email it to the user.

4. Make sure Enable Provisioning is set to yes on Spider

5. Ask client to download the latest version of Bria for Windows or Mac from these Links

   - Windows:
   - Mac:

6. After installation, you will be prompted by a login page:

   - Choose "Enter Configuration Server details"
   - Sign In Server:
   - UserID: The UserID provided by Callture
   - Password: The User Key (or Password) provided by Callture)

7. Make sure you check "Remember sign In information" before clicking on "Sign In" if you do not wish to reenter the credential.

8. If the provisioning goes through then you will see an active account in green on the next page