Automatic Provisioning - Cisco/Linksys/Sipura devices or phones

CISCO 7960 / 7940

Please make sure first that the SIP mode is enabled; if not this is the client's responsibility to download the SIP firmware and update their phones by following this link:

Please send email to CSR to put the files in place for this phone on our server- let him know first before anything further can be done.

TFTP server Address is:

After entering the TFTP the phone should get the configuration from the server.

To enter the TFTP Server, follow these instructions:

1. Factory reset the phone

                        Unplug the power cable from the phone, and then plug in the cable again.

                        The phone begins its power up cycle.

                        Immediately press and hold # and while the Headset, Mute, and Speaker buttons begin to flash in sequence, release #.

                        Press 123456789*0# within 60 seconds after the Headset, Mute, and Speaker buttons begin to flash.

If you enter this key sequence correctly, the phone displays this prompt:


Keep network cfg? 1 = yes 2 = no                

press 2

2. Menu --> Unlock Config (option 9)

Default password is cisco

3. Go to Menu --> Network Configuration (option 3) -->

goto 32. Alternate TFTP Option 33) : yes --> save

if phone show no “yes” option then go back to step 2

phone might reboot at this point

after phone is reboot you may have to repeat step 2 to unlock configuration setup


goto 7. TFTP Server

   and enter as TFTP server ...