1) Auto Provisioning Instructions
2) Manual Provisioning Instructions

- Auto Provisioing -  Digium phones

1) Important: Please make sure the MAC address is setup on Callture Digium DPMA Server (which is different than Callture Provisioning Server), also inbound servers are setup correctly for the phone's extensions on spider (like a manual provisioning)
2) On phone screen click on More => More => Menu => Advanced => Reset To Factory Defaults => Yes
3) Phone will be rebooted automatically
4) Settings => Settings => Digium Configuration Server:

5) Server: Port: 5060 => Go:

6) Choose your phone => Select:

7) Enter Global Configuration Password => (the password is: 19972017 ) => Enter:

8) Phone will download the configuration and reboot again; if you get "Communication Error" just press on "Keep Old":

9) You will see lines registered on the screen:

10) If the speed dial buttons are setup, you can press and test it:

- Manual Provisioing -  Digium phones

Step 1 - Sip Account Settings: Please see the screenshot below.

Step 2 - Set the dialplan to:

Step 3 - Reboot the phone