Mitel 5224 IP Phone

1) Enable SIP Module
2) TFTP Setup

- Enable SIP Module:

1. Reboot the phone
2. Hold the "Volume Down" button and plug the phone back in. Use the on screen display to complete the following:
- Configure Phone (*=Yes)
- (Cycle through options saying "#=No" until...)
- Phone Mode (*=Yes)
- Protocol (*=Yes)
- Phone Mode: Minet (*=Change)
- Phone Mode: Minet (0=SIP)
- Phone Mode: SIP (#=Accept)
- Store Changes? (*=Yes)
- Reboot Now? (*=Yes)

For more information click Here

- TFTP Setup:

1- Find the IP Address of the phone
2- Navigate to the IP address on your browser
3- User name: admin Pwd: usually the phone model (for example 5224 for Mitel 5224)
4- Admin Tools => Network Config => Put the following link on TFTP Server field:

5- USe HTTP/TFTP Configuration File: TFTP